Yellowcake Summer (Yellowcake #2)

Yellowcake Summer (Yellowcake #2)

ISBN: 1922120626

ISBN 13: 9781922120625

Publication Date: August 06, 2013

Publisher: Glass House Books

Pages: 254

Format: Paperback

Author: Guy Salvidge

4.00 of 3

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Drought. Heatwave. Environmental ruin…

Rion Saunders is forced to return to the ‘Belt and his hometown of East Hills as a Police Force draftee. Released from custody, Sylvia Baron must play a double game infiltrating the shadowy Misanthropos. The organisation’s founder, Sylvia’s ex-husband David, is on death row, while Jeremy Peters, Yellowcake Springs’ newest Director of Security, tries to keep a protest from spiralling out of control. Do the answers lie in Controlled Waking State, CIQ Sinocorp’s newest stratagem to subdue a restless population?

Yellowcake Summer concludes the exciting story begun in Yellowcake Springs.

"Guy Salvidge has finally released the sequel to his Yellowcake Springs novel that we reviewed many moons ago. It's only planned to be a two-parter, so this it: Yellowcake Summer. The first book, Yellowcake Springs was unusual in that some of the more worrisome portions of it weren't even the apocalyptic portions of it, but the dystopian portions that occurred within the small groups of people who were still able to live the dream of the Western life style. This novel appears to be continuing the trend."
– Russell Smith, Reflexiones Finales Review

"Guy Salvidge conjures up a nightmare future that is all too believable. A strong follow-up to Yellowcake Springs."
- Juliet Marillier

"Guy Salvidge's sensitively-drawn characters enact a compelling drama of conspiracy and gnarled relationships in what is in essence a dialogue between the ways of a future towered city and a future barren hinterland, both made possible by the corrupt policies of an Australia whose origins are visible today."
- Daniel King, author, Memento Mori

"Guy Salvidge swings back to Yellowcake Springs by cannily fusing together this gritty dystopia with the stripped-back, sardonic eye of Raymond Chandler. Terrorism, environmental mayhem and dubious moral-codes each get a shoo-in, making the book an outstanding sequel that in fact trumps its superb predecessor."
- Andrez Bergen, author, One Hundred Years of Vicissitude

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