Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story

Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story

ISBN: 081187723X

ISBN 13: 9780811877237

Publication Date: July 28, 2010

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Pages: 48

Format: Hardcover

Author: Andy Rash

4.17 of 756

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When being chased by ten little zombies (no matter how cute they are), your only option is to systematically destroy them one by one, or else become zombie number eleven. In this love story wrapped in a tale of zombie mayhem, a resourceful couple flees from and picks off their undead pursuers with fast-paced ingenuity and an entertaining range of zombie-thwarting tools. As the zombies shuffle and stumble their way toward a variety of gruesome ends, our heroes must come up with new ways to escape sticky situations and stay together. This darkly funny illustrated talethink Bunny Suicides meets Edward Gorey meets Hallmarkcelebrates the romantic side of a zombie plague, with plenty of BRAINS and a lot of heart.

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